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Social Lab (GBR)

The Social Lab is a space where people can develop concepts to address social change. It brings together people wanting to share ideas and people wanting to support them. The website showcases the results of these innovative collaborations. Current Social Lab projects include The Real Work Experience , Public Service Thank You and ithinkpublic.

The site also provides information on monthly Social Lab Events. Each Lab is themed and we invite people to come who represent a range of experience and expertise from different sectors so our guests benefit from diverse wisdom and perspectives. During the labs they explore particular challenges using design tools and techniques to gain fresh insight and propose steps towards solving these.

The social lab is hosted by thinkpublic ( an award-winning agency focused on using design to improve service experiences in the public sector. They achieve this by working with service providers and the general public to understand how their services and experiences could be improved. They dynamic and creative company has worked with the NHS, education, Local Government and the Third Sector.
Spread The Word - fostering a discourse for social design - 2007
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